Lessons Learned from a Faulty Radio

By Rev. Steve Chambers

Most of my friends will tell you that my vehicle is a piece of crap, a junk heap on wheels. They would be correct. It is a paint van, a work truck, and it has endured its share of paint thinner spills and paint can lids that loosened and allowed their contents to seep onto the floor. In the back tools and drop cloths and paint trays are scattered everywhere. 

But this van starts every time, and up front, except for the odor, things are nearly normal. The most unique feature from my perspective as the driver, is the radio.

The radio is always on, which isn't to say that it is always playing. It plays intermittently, the wiring behind the dials has a mind of its own and it will decide when there shall be music and when there will be none. Bumps in the road are game changers, l might be singing along with an old Motown hit when a small pothole will thrust me into silence for the rest of the ride. Conversely, it can bring it back, out of nowhere, for 30 seconds or for a half hour. Here is Neil Young for a glorious minute.....or here is some much needed quiet.

Of course, it wasn't always this way, there was a time when that radio played all the time, you know, like its supposed to. But as the situation worsened, l decided to see it, not as a nuisance, but as yes, yet another metaphor for life. Of course we don't always get what we want! 

Powerful and mysterious forces control our entire lives. Our favorite things get taken away quite suddenly and for no apparent reason. Other times, a beautiful experience comes out of nowhere, changes our life and then disappears with a bump in the road. As in the way of the cherry blossom, sometimes the beauty doesn't last long.

Sure, l could have that radio fixed, but no way, that would cost more than the van is worth, and l'm learning way too much from that thing.

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